wineqq install instructions

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    First look at this page:

    download the package offered by that page

    extract the package followed by instructions on that page

    Then important things:

    • Run wine-QQ once, wine will auto install mono or something else
    • Download simsun.ttc (download address)
    • copy simsun.ttc to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/Fonts
    • edit ~/.wine/system.reg


    “MS Shell Dlg”=”Tahoma”
    “MS Shell Dlg 2″=”Tahoma”


    “MS Shell Dlg”=”SimSun”
    “MS Shell Dlg 2″=”SimSun”

    • create zh.reg, insert these:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes]
    “Arial CE,238″=”simsun”
    “Arial CYR,204″=”simsun”
    “Arial Greek,161″=”simsun”
    “Arial TUR,162″=”simsun”
    “Courier New”=”simsun”
    “Courier New CE,238″=”simsun”
    “Courier New CYR,204″=”simsun”
    “Courier New Greek,161″=”simsun”
    “Courier New TUR,162″=”simsun”
    “MS Sans Serif”=”simsun”
    “MS Shell Dlg”=”simsun”
    “MS Shell Dlg 2″=”simsun”
    “Times New Roman CE,238″=”simsun”
    “Times New Roman CYR,204″=”simsun”
    “Times New Roman Greek,161″=”simsun”
    “Times New Roman TUR,162″=”simsun”
    “Tms Rmn”=”simsun”

    • run command: regedit zh.reg
    • run wine-QQ again


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